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The Mick ( 1 minute ago )

t0pcat : The writers have absolutely no clue! Every time they try to "develop" a character, it just turn out that character is another Mick.

90 Day Fiance ( 2 minutes ago )

me2ureview : Poor Molly my heart goes out to her and she does not deserve that flaky low life gold digging asshole Luis, she is such a good mother and those kids need to understand just how lucky they are to have such a great Mother and start respecting her more. Luis is no good and I wouldn't trust him around those girls he has some sinister thoughts about them,also its clear he is only looking for a woman he can use for money and citizen status and he has landed a good catch with Molly because she owns her own house and business making very good money,Luis even told Molly's brother that he is going to go back to his country after the wedding. I'm so proud of Molly for dishing Luis up a BIG Ole Bowl of The Wrath Of Molly!!!. Yeah so I cant help but to notice that Azan is being all emotional and apologetic now that Nicole*his cash cow* is leaving because he realizes that when she leaves so will her sending money back to him, Something is telling me in the back of my mind that Nicole isn't the only girl he is communicating with and getting favors such as money and gifts,maybe there might be a good reason why her mother is feeling suspicious, at first I was Team Azan but then I started picking up little odd things about him that seemed shady so bow I just want Nicole to be open with the not so good things about Azan instead of hiding it.

Still Alice ( 4 minutes ago )

Maikeru : Saraaaaah Hardiiiiing!!! How many Sarah Hardings do you think are out here?

PK ( 6 minutes ago )

lowoil : Did not find it as captivating as the others here did. 5.5/10

The Walking Dead ( 11 minutes ago )

erikruhl76 : Obviously someone wanted their time freed up by getting off the show.....besides the lame send off from something "off screen" it was the best episode of the season.

The Walking Dead ( 12 minutes ago )

bill1231 : This show is so done! The choreography and plausibility of most of the fight scenes is laughable. Especially towards the end with Neegan V Rick was silly AF! It was like a bad action film where the bad guy gives a "bad guy" speech and that allows the good guy to get away. Rick runs off after getting worked and Negan doesn't pursue?????? I could go on and on. The Kingdom scene was stupid AF as well! Did the old director leave? New script writers? What happened? This show stinks like burning Zombie azz and I am out. That was one dumb line too many, one trash fight scene too many and one too many plot twists for my liking. 1/5

Madam Secretary ( 14 minutes ago )

qt44 : good episode.... this show is nothing special but i love it since 1st episode.5/5

Brooklyn Nine-Nine ( 18 minutes ago )

lonelycirce : Tim Meadows is a freaking genius

The Young Victoria ( 20 minutes ago )

PrettyKei : This is such a beautiful movie. Emily Blunt is an angel and Im glad she was cased for this role. I love this movie so much I watched the entire ending credits just to hear that fairy tale like music being played. I definitely makes it magical. 10/10.

Shameless ( 28 minutes ago )

Pisces_ : i actually like to see the characters doing things a bit differently. whether it's the right or wrong thing. It's a journey for all of them and the way they are now doesn't mean they always will be

Justin Bieber Never Say Never ( 32 minutes ago )

ChanceRox : It's fun getting to know more about his past and a look at what went on behind the scenes. He's a living legend. I doubt he realized how famous and loved he'd actually become. Mind blowing, man. 4/5 stars

Justin Bieber's Believe ( 36 minutes ago )

ChanceRox : I didn't mean to write a review on this movie. eek there isn't a delete button.

Compulsion ( 40 minutes ago )

ChanceRox : Very weird psychological drama. I enjoyed it, but it's a little repetitive and slow at parts. It's okay for a one time watch. I was expecting something totally different than what I witnessed. 3.5/5 stars

Guardians of the Galaxy ( 42 minutes ago )

ChanceRox : WOW! I'm not the BIGGEST fan of action/superhero movies, but this one is really good!! I recommend y'all to check it out if you haven't already. Definitely one you shouldn't miss. 4.5/5 stars

Psych The Movie ( 48 minutes ago )

BillPigg : It's the best movie I have ever seen. 5 thumbs up!!!

Tenderness ( 53 minutes ago )

credoinars : I enjoy R. Crowe's work, but his talent is wasted here. I felt absolutely nothing for any of the characters, oh, except for palpable irritation toward Lori, ugh. It seemed to have all of the pieces, but nothing connected. Not recommended at all - maybe for film students.

Office Christmas Party ( 54 minutes ago )

ivanovbg : it was alright. funny but i won't remember any of it in a week. kinda boring honestly. the whole "best part ever" theme is so old now.

Street Outlaws ( 54 minutes ago )

MICHAELMYERS : wtf ? watched this last week

The Walking Dead ( 55 minutes ago )

Lenscap : Had it's good moments. Thanks uploaders.

The Walking Dead ( 56 minutes ago )

Shadowdrag0n : And the negan storyline just continues to get dragged out. A terrible episode capping off a season and a half steaming pile of crap. Can't wait for the storyline, or the seires itself, to finally be over and done with.

We Need to Talk About Kevin ( 56 minutes ago )

rangerthehorse : Wish I could edit my comment... John C. Reilly.

The Walking Dead ( 1 hour ago )

TheCriticGuy : Wtf. I bet they just did that to prove the “main” characters can be killed. That was a cope out main character kill, he still had so much story left from the comics. There’s plenty of other mains who Time was up.

The Thing ( 1 hour ago )

delhirose : Great watch again, can't count how many times I have seen this. For its era I think its awesome, definitely worth the watch for sure. Don't expect thrills, scares or jumps, unless this sorta thing freaks you out.......excellent watch, cheers uploaders

The White Helmets ( 1 hour ago )

Vigile : The makers of this film are scum. This film is pure propaganda and the White Helmets are window dressing for a terrorist group. Sick and disgusting.

Mother! ( 1 hour ago )

pausepause : Weird. I know this is supposed to mean something but I have no idea what. I think somebody slipped all of them some Ayahuasca. I hear people calling this an 'art' film. What the hell is an art film? Aren't all films art? It could have been a good story if it hadn't devolved into psychosis.

Lord of Illusions ( 1 hour ago )

delhirose : Not sure how this gets a four star rating, it actually had a really 80's feel to me, not my fav era for most horror. Didn't keep my attention at all, quite bored with it..........if your into that feel of era, go for it, cheers uploaders.

Dark ( 1 hour ago )

EllenRipley : Enjoyed this even more than Stranger Things. Netflix better renew!!!

The Walking Dead ( 1 hour ago )

kenXz : it just didn't make any sense! whatever Eugene did he is a bitch, they should put HIM DOWN! No way it should end the way it just did! TWD was jumping all over the place, u cant just amass an army that big just like that without explaining How, plus those women soldiers at the car junkyard they are useless ... all they've done IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ... I don't like the way it's going ...I'm totally against the ending here, anyone else?

Woman's World ( 1 hour ago )

annelapham : Clifton webb, Fred Mac Murray, superstars from way back when... great performances and a truly entertaining story!

Robot Chicken ( 1 hour ago )

Chaosx : More like The Robot Chicken Santa Claus Acid Trip Freakout Special imo.

The Walking Dead ( 1 hour ago )

tcon77 : I really hope Negan's back story is shown this season, I keep hoping it's the next episode but it never comes. I have a feeling he was pushed around at work and was a loser in some way. maybe his first wife left him

The Haunted Palace ( 1 hour ago )

delhirose : A classic horror, and colour to boot. For all the fans of this old time genre. Vincent Price doing what he did best. I use to watch him when I was a kid with mum, she introduced me to the oldies back then, so they are very antique now!! Don't expect scares or thrills, just a good sit back and enjoy the story portrayed from Poe. Great upload guys

The Walking Dead ( 1 hour ago )


We Need to Talk About Kevin ( 1 hour ago )

rangerthehorse : Boy oh boy, if I ever needed a reason to NOT have a child, it would be this film. Heartbreaking performance by the always excellent Tilda Swinton and honorable mention for John C. McGinley as the clueless 'dad'.

Arene ( 1 hour ago )

UnspokenPistachio : Great short. Definitely felt like a trailer to a full length movie that I would love to see.

The Walking Dead ( 1 hour ago )

bradikitty : About friggen time. The kid was annoying as hell

Graves ( 1 hour ago )

Lucy18960 : An epic ending to season 2. Perfect in every way for each character. No information on whether there will be a season 3. I do hope there will. This excellent series is unique with nothing else like it on television. If you have not yet watched, you will be in for a treat with the 2 existing seasons. This episode wrapped up nicely and left no loose ends, but plenty of material if the stations renew.

Baby Driver ( 1 hour ago )

Simulacrum1984 : I'd heard a lot about the opening sequence. It was great. Then the whole movie dissipated into-I want out of the world, but they won't let me- silliness. Also another story where girl gets sucked into boy's madness. Average.

The Walking Dead ( 1 hour ago )

MICHAELMYERS : ok peeps lets asume THAT he is eeemune like murfee.....Z NATION!!!!!................................. to the virus? f it ''''''''''' its tv will see if its not what we see hope not! k pray !!!!!! dam u walking dead! lol ....just leave everyone hanging!!!!!!!!!

The Simpsons ( 1 hour ago )

MyongSooksoo : This is the first of this seasons episodes of The Simpsons that I´ve watched, and watching it made me remember why I stopped watching the show! It´s way beyond time to let this show die with dignity! 1/5 stars!

The Walking Dead ( 1 hour ago )

nakedheart : I started to get so side track when saw all those trucks. I just kept thinking where did all those trucks come from? Then it had me thinking about the helicopter in the previous episode...Then I started thinking does it have something to do with the gov't or fake military like in Van Helsing? The roads looked so clear. LOL WEll, as you can you see, down the rabbit hole I went. SMH By the time started to pay attention again about 15 mins must have passed. But Anyways sad shocker at the end & the beginning almost made me feel like I missed an episode or something.

The Walking Dead ( 1 hour ago )

cher4harleys : wtf did I just watch?? Seriously, am I the only one who is dumbfounded right now? THAT def was NOT finale material. I felt like this was very lazy writing, and all the director did was tell them to make certain faces..(i.e. sad, surprised, fear etc..)..lmfao..that was totally a waste, we could have had SOME kind of show down. think they need some fresh eyes for writing future eppys,,IMO

The Walking Dead ( 1 hour ago )

ultimate5195 : The Garbage Chick wanted to 'Sculpt' Rick in the Nude,....How Whacked is that? I'm Starting to Digg the Garbage Chick Leader....I think She's Hot..... : ^ }

Bob's Burgers ( 1 hour ago )

makingaripple : This is the best episode of Bobs Burgers in it's entire history. Charming, funny, quite moving and entertaining. 10/10

Saturday Night Live ( 1 hour ago )

sloburnjo : Seth is filming FLARSKY here in Montreal so it was an easy flite to NYC. west coast feed edits M. Che bit.

Shameless ( 1 hour ago )

nineteen63 : "We must set a safe word, french fry." HAH Kevin. Can't wait for the next episode.

Shameless ( 1 hour ago )

kaveeone : Kevin did it all wrong. He should just go with his nature, and be a "top". "Bottoming" just isn't him, being straight and all. He should just try being a "top". He'd get THAT right. Be a TOP Kevin! :-)

Graves ( 2 hours ago )

Lucy18960 : A positive episode across the board. I really enjoy this show. Always lots of laughs and some touching moments.

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The Mick

t0pcat : The writers have absolutely no clue! Every time they try to "develop" ...

Still Alice

Maikeru : Saraaaaah Hardiiiiing!!! How many Sarah Hardings do you think are out here?


lowoil : Did not find it as captivating as the others here did. 5.5/10

The Walking Dead

erikruhl76 : Obviously someone wanted their time freed up by getting off the show.....besides ...

The Walking Dead

bill1231 : This show is so done! The choreography and plausibility of most of the fight sce ...

Madam Secretary

qt44 : good episode.... this show is nothing special but i love it since 1st episode.5/ ...

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

lonelycirce : Tim Meadows is a freaking genius

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